Who Am I?

College Students

The following programs are prepared for students who are attending a college and want to study art/design later in their academic career. You may choose to take one or more of the programs depending on your art/design education needs.


  • Target Students
  • Current college students transferring to art majors with/without art experience
  • End Goal / Results
  • Individual creative identification
  • Major portfolio-ready finished projects (Photograph, editing)
  • Portfolio "assignment" from school application
  • Presentation skills
  • Attend classes with credit* with our partner schools

Summer Intensive Camp

  • Target Students
  • Freshmen to Juniors
  • Juniors turning Seniors
  • End Goal / Results
  • Freshmen to Juniors: Art major class experience
  • Freshmen to Juniors: Exposed to differnet majors
  • Freshmen to Juniors: Important projects focused (competition)
  • Junior turning senior: Intense major-specific portfolio
  • Junior turning senior: School required home tests

Extra Help

  • Target Students
  • Extended weeks/months for chosen program
  • Juniors turning Seniors
  • End Goal / Results
  • Finished with extra professionalism & depth in presentation