Art & Design Programs

Seniors Program

  Target Students

  • Juniors and Seniors who are planning to apply to art & and design schools enter the Seniors Program to prepare and guide each student to reach their full potential in preparing their art portfolio and an impressive essay with our teachers 1:1.
  • High school graduates are also welcome to join the Seniors Program if they need to prepare a beautiful, thoughtful, and presentable art portfolio.

  End Goal / Result

  • Basic drawing skills
  • Familiarity with different art materials
  • Learn most efficient creative work process
  • Sufficient studio time
  • Submission to art competitions

  Program Description

# of Year Foundation Major
1 st year
30 Weeks
  • Fundamental basic art skills
  • Creative process
  • Efficient studio experience
  • General creativity development
  • Works in traditional mediums
  • Research & inspiration development
  • Major specific sketches and training eye
  • Creative process/work ethics
  • Project based for creative thinking
2 nd year
approx. 15 Weeks
  • Focused creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Experiment mixed materials
  • Artistic depth and personal style development
  • Personal style & idea development
  • Art competition submission
  • Early experiences in many different art medium and processes
  • Problem-solving designs
*Please note that all programs are subject to modification to suit the individual studnet's need; as each student is at a different artistic level.