Art & Design Programs

Freshmen to Sophomore students who are planning to apply to art schools & universities are accepted to shape their art & design journey with focus on learning the most e ective working processes in art and design with our teachers 1:1.
Build your summer with an intense program that will prepare you as an artist and a designer. You can choose to spend your time in New York exploring art, or focus completely on your art portfolio.
Juniors and Seniors who are planning to apply to art & and design schools enter the Seniors Program to prepare and guide each student to reach their full potential in preparing their art portfolio and an impressive essay with our teachers 1:1.
Current college students who would like to transfer to art majors are recommanded to U-Pathway program. Students with or without art experience get to prepare art portfolio with our teachers 1:1 from beginning to end while stuyding at our bridge schools
Anyone in need of art/design portfolio receive 1:1 tutor sessions from beginning to the finished portfolio.
Art students in art & and design schools can benefit from Continued Management program where they receive 1:1 tutor regarding their art subjects to maintain school GPA.
Anyone who needs studio time or need extra practices on any part of the program can sign up for extra help to master their skills.
Undergraduates applying to masters receive 1:1 tutor to complete their portfolio work.
Art undergraduates applying for art/design jobs receive efficient help from professionals in the industry.