Who Am I?


The following programs are prepared for students who graduated from college and want to pursue art or design. You may choose to take one or more of the programs depending on your art/design education needs.


  • Target Students
  • Undergraduate applying to masters
  • End Goal / Results
  • Concept, research & thesis presentation
  • In-depth art theory
  • School-specific projects for application

Summer Intensive Camp

  • Target Students
  • Freshmen to Juniors
  • Juniors turning Seniors
  • End Goal / Results
  • Freshmen to Juniors: Art major class experience
  • Freshmen to Juniors: Exposed to differnet majors
  • Freshmen to Juniors: Important projects focused (competition)
  • Junior turning senior: Intense major-specific portfolio
  • Junior turning senior: School required home tests

Work Resume

  • Target Students
  • Art Undergraduate applying for art/design career
  • End Goal / Results
  • Industry ready skills & insights from professionals in the field
  • Portfolio booklet & pdf
  • Professional resume
  • Presentation skills

Fast Track

  • Target Students
  • All students in need of portfolio for major program only
  • End Goal / Results
  • Customized major portfolio-ready finished proejcts (Photographing, editing)
  • Portfolio "assignment" from school application
  • Presentation

Extra Help

  • Target Students
  • Extended weeks/months for chosen program
  • Juniors turning Seniors
  • End Goal / Results
  • Finished with extra professionalism & depth in presentation